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Our Vision

Educate patients on the importance of balancing the ANS and uniting them with trained healthcare providers, who will treat their core ANS medical issues.   This practice will lower overall healthcare expenditures and improve overall health and wellness.

Edward Drambel


Ed Drambel has been in healthcare sales for over 30 years.   For 20 years, he sold implantable pacemakers and defibrillators for Biotronik, Inc.   He then went on to be Managing Partner of Clarity Clinical Laboratory, which is a high-complexity lab specializing in Drug testing.   He also was the founder of Cure CP, which was a non-profit that funded the first trial in the US utilizing autologous stem cells from CP patients to improve their Cerebral Palsy.

dr baute.jpeg
Dr. Antonio Baute


Dr. Baute was a cardiac fellow at Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. He has 31 years of clinical experience in addition to seven years of teaching at the Medical College of Georgia, VA Medical Center and the University of South Carolina.
He is board certified in Cardiovascular Disease and nuclear cardiology and is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology.   Dr. Baute Has been focusing his practice on the Autonomic Nervous System for the last 6 years.

Benater_Jason_HiRez head and sholder photo (1).jpg
Jason Benater


Driven and experienced executive who leads by example, providing consistent revenue growth and commercial operations leadership in dynamic, fast paced, competitive environments; capable of leading a full array of business development responsibilities, as well as general business operations, and organizational leadership in the Pharmaceutical and Animal Health industries. Experience includes Marketing, Sales, Commercial Operations, Market Access, and Strategy Design & Implementation

* Recognized as a transformational leader who contributes at all levels and is capable of building powerful engaged cultures, shifting commercial team hearts and minds, and aligning stakeholders towards a focused mission and vision

* A proven expert in all aspects of commercial operations, delivering powerful and proven go-to-market strategies while mentoring individuals and teams to take performance to the next level. Areas of expertise include animal health and human pharmaceuticals, including Cardiology, Respiratory, Endocrinology, Rare Disease (IPF), Oncology, CNS, Pain, Urology, Vaccines, Neurology and Small Animal.


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